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THEATRICAL: Clear Talent Group

(818) 509-0121

COMMERCIAL: Commercials Unlimited

(310) 278-5123

PRINT: House of Representatives

(310) 451-2345

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“Like a Baby” Music Video

And that’s a wrap!  Enjoy “Like a Baby” by Seven Years. Directed by Christinna Chauncey.

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Filming: Day 2

Day Two of filming was at beautiful El Matador State Beach in Malibu, CA. Let me tell you more about El Matador Beach. A steep dirt pathway leads down stairs and finally to one of the most gorgeous beaches I have ever seen.  It is a small beach with large, ragged rock formations and smooth white sand. It was actually cool and overcast the day of filming, but the water was still beautiful.

When I arrived the band was filming their scenes. My sweet husband and daughter joined me for the shoot. My two-year-old ran around In the surf while we waited and we snapped some family pictures against the gorgeous backdrop. 

Soon I was up. Mara, the stylist, dressed me in white and we moved up the stairs to a nice spot overlooking the ocean.  The sun came out and the shot was perfect. The best part of it all was that my daughter joined me for the scene. It was very sweet.

Afterwards I snapped photos with the director and my friend, Christinna Chauncey, and DP Anthony Johnson. This was a great experience and I am grateful for the opportunity. Thanks to Christinna and producer, Suthurn Hicks.

To learn more about the music of “Seven Years”, visit:

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Filming: Day 1


Jennifer on the set of a music video for the band, “Seven Years”.

On Saturday I had the opportunity to work on a new music video for the band,  “Seven Years” .  The song is from their debut album, “Time To Change”.

My long time friend and  acting coach, Christinna Chauncey, cast me in her directorial debut. I have so much respect for Christinna and it was an honor to work with her outside of a class setting.  She has coached me both in class and for various film roles and we have a great rapport.

On the first day of filming we shot at Village Church in Burbank, CA.  When I arrived on location I met with the producer and songwriter, Suthurn Hicks, and wardrobe stylist, Mara Mara.  Everyone was so friendly and I felt so welcome on set. I knew it was going to be a great day.  Mara dressed me in an awesome tan coat and chunky scarf.  You would never know that it was actually sunny and warm in LA (luckily it wasn’t too warm). Once dressed, we started filming around the church campus.  The campus had so much to offer.  The final product is going to look really great and you’ll never believe we are actually at a church.

In between takes I chatted it up with lead singer, Cole Williams.  Cole is also a mom of a two-year-old. Her sweet little one was even on set.  We really hit it off and set up a play date for our kiddos.  What an unexpected little surprise that was.


A quick photo in between takes.

Our second location was at a condo in North Hollywood.  This mood of this scene was somber.  Christinna gave me great notes and I felt like we were able to achieve her vision for the scene.  We shot in a really artistically decorated bathroom, I just had to get a photo of it before we finished for the day.

Day One of filming went really well! One more day to go!

To learn more about “Seven Years”, visit:



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Déjà vu

Over the weekend I attended a friend’s wedding at beautiful Villa del Sol d’Oro in Sierra Madre, CA.  As soon as I pulled in the driveway a wave of déjà vu washed over me.  I had been here before.  And then it hit me, I shot my first commercial at this location.   It was an American Express commercial and you can check it out here: 

Here I am standing in the spot where we shot:

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New Headshots

Jennifer Keller 2013I recently had new headshots taken by Michael D’Ambrosia.  This is my second time shooting with Michael. I first shot with him when I was was a fresh-faced new actor in  LA. He was recommended by my agents at CU. Since they had asked for the new shots, I decided to shoot with him again.

With this session I was striving for 4 very specific looks: an approachable commercial look, a sweet Midwest mom, the icy upscale woman and the detective.  I spoke at length about these looks with Alma, the Make-up Artist, and brought a number of clothing choices for each.  Michael and Alma were really helpful.  For instance Michael strongly suggested I wear the peach cardigan, which I originally brought as a back up.  It turned out to be a great choice.

In fact, I’m thrilled with all my shots! Michael shoots outdoors in natural light, which I really liked.

Here are a couple of my favorite shots. These are unedited shots. To view more of my new headshots, click on the “Headshots” Link at the top of the page.

Which one is your favorite?


Jennifer Keller 2013Keller_Jennifer_5306IMDB

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Commercial Callback Workshop – Week 1

Howdy all!   My awesome agents at Commercials Unlimited have sent me out on some really great commercial auditions in the past few months.  I get a call backed for maybe 4 out of 5 auditions I go out on….but I haven’t booked anything lately

So frustrating.

I was scrolling down posts on twitter the other day (find me at and I spotted this tweet:


And I knew it was time. Time to take the commercial callback class I have been mulling over for over 6 months.  I immediately called to inquire about the next available class.  Originally I was told it was full, but to call back after the weekend. And you know what?  A spot opened up in the class.

It was a sign.

Let me tell you more about the class.  The commercial callback class is a  4 week, on camera workshop that recreates the different aspects of the callback.  The last week of this class doubles as an actual performance in front of a professional casting director.

I arrived for my first class and I was nervous!  I’ve been acting and auditioning for commercials for years, so I couldn’t believe how jittery I felt.  We started off class as we would with in a commercial callback.  There was a sign in sheet, storyboard of the commercial and sides when I arrived. There were about 15 students in the workshop. We were brought in the audition room in groups of three and then we watched ourselves after everyone had “auditioned”.  Afterwards we officially met Killian. He talked to us about his experiences working at Alyson Horn Casting and gave us some interesting and helpful nuggets about the commercial casting and auditioning process. Now I’m not going to talk about all the ins and outs of this class, you’re going to have to sign up yourself for that, but I will say that it was eye-opening.  And watching myself in an audition setting was oddly calming.  Every actor deals with a little insecurity from time to time, and I think my lack of bookings shook my confidence slightly.  Seeing what I brought to the table in the audition and a couple very fixable mistakes (such as not cheating out to the camera) made me feel empowered.

I can’t wait until the next class.  I can’t wait for my next audition!

For more information about taking this class, visit



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New IMDB Credit

In October I shot a sweet co-star role in the webisode, “Short Term” and the credit just popped up on IMDB.  Check it out at:  And please give me a “like” while you are there.

Thanks! ; )


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Two Auditions on Wednesday

I had two auditions on Wednesday!  This is the life of a working actress in LA.  Not the one I expected when I was a bright-eyed, recent college graduate, but a more realistic version.

I received notification from my agents at CU that I would have a late afternoon commercial audition the night before.  But around noon, I received a call about a co-star audition from my agents at Clear Talent Group. Nice! I downloaded the sides as my toddler climbed on my back and tried to strike all the keys on my computer.  It was a nice scene on a confidential CW show and I started working on it as soon as I got my toddler down for her nap.

I love nap time, when it happens.  I showered, dressed and ran lines before braving late afternoon traffic on my way to Studio City.

My first stop was Beth Holmes Casting.  This was my first time auditioning for Beth Holmes, which was very exciting.  I walked into the casting facility at Loudmouth Studios fifteen minutes early to look over the sides.  There was a sea of blondes in the room when I arrived.  A casting associate in the lobby paired me with another actor and we rehearsed the lines until it was our turn.

The audition was on tape for casting.  The casting associate already knew the actor I was paired with and they started chit-chatting about people they knew.  On a side note, sometimes this happens. Some actors are really “buddy buddy” with the casting directors.  For my readers, especially fellow actors, don’t let that throw you.  You’re there to do a job, and it is okay if you do not have a prior relationship with casting.  If you’re right for the role, you’re right for the role.   So, back to the audition. After their brief chit-chat, we ran through the scene twice.   I felt happy with the audition. I felt that my fellow actor and I had a nice “banter” in the audition.  I’m really hoping for a call back.

Next, I was off to Hollywood.

I had some time to kill and was starving, so I hit up my favorite fast food restaurant: Chick-Fil-A. I got a chicken sandwich and a carrot & raisin salad.  Yum.  Generally I’m not big fan of fast foot, but I think the food quality is a lot better than most places.  I also practiced my lines over, and over, again in the parking lot.  To the other patrons I probably looked a little funny “talking to myself” in the car, but oh well!

Afterwards I drove over to Sunset/Gower Studios for my co-star audition.  Gower Street is a scary place at night.  I had to park on the street, and the only spot I could find was several blocks away from the entrance to the studio.  The neighborhood isn’t that great and I briskly walked by a number of homeless men who were bundled up for the night.  I walked close to the street and held my keys tightly just in case someone tried to grab my bag.  Luckily I didn’t have any trouble.

I made it safely to the studio, checked in, and bee-lined straight to the bathroom to change into my new outfit. Once I was “prepped”, I signed in for the audition. There were a number of ladies in the small waiting room, all with different looks (a contrast to my earlier audition).   When it was my turn, I greeted the casting associate. I’ve been called into audition for this CW show 4 times now and it is always nice to see her.

I felt really confident walking into this audition.  But as soon as we started, I faltered on the lines even though I had my script in my hands. In spite of my prep work it just didn’t go as smoothly as I had rehearsed.  Why?  I don’t know.   Sadly, that’s just how it goes sometimes.   And unfortunately, co-star auditions are just one take.

So, now what?  I’m going to let it go and look forward to the next audition.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this Industry, it’s that you have let auditions “roll like water off a duck’s back”.  You must think of every audition as a job: you go it, do the work, and go home. If you dwell on what you said or how you said it, you’ll just drive yourself crazy.  You have to focus on the “win”, which is that you had the audition in the first place.

You may be wondering why I’m fessing up to my not so stellar audition.  Well, because that’s life. If things went perfectly every time, I wouldn’t grow as an actor or as a person.   And who knows what role is waiting for me around the corner?  You may have heard the old phrase “When God closes a door, He opens a window”. Well, I’m just looking for my next window.



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And the New Miss Ball State University is…..

Megan Thwaites.  Congratulations to this extraordinary young lady who will vie for the title of Miss Indiana in June.

It was an awesome experience to participate as a judge in the Miss Ball State Pageant.  I was overwhelmed with nostalgia once I arrived on campus.  In fact, after the pageant I simply stood in Pruis Hall for a few minutes and took it all in.  I was crowned Miss Ball State on that same state 11 years ago.  It seams like yesterday. I can still remember the moment they called my name as the winner.  I was so excited and surprised!  It actually brings tears to my eyes.  I feel blessed to have so many awesome experiences in my life.  Each of them have changed me into the women that I am today.

Below are a pictures with two of my favorite people at Ball State University!

Jennifer and Carol Kosisko, The Director of the Miss Ball State Pageant

Jennifer and Carol Kosisko, The Director of the Miss Ball State Pageant

Jennifer with friend and mentor, Dr. Michael O’Hara. Dr. O’Hara is the Associate Dean of the College of Fine Arts at Ball State University

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Meet the Newest Judge Of The Miss Ball State University Pageant


I am honored to say that I will be judging the Miss Ball State University Pageant on Saturday, January 19, 2013. The Miss America Organization has a special place in my heart because I am a former contestant.

I began my pageant career when I entered the Miss Ball State Pageant at the urging of friends. In 2002 I was crowned the winner out of 32 contestants. After graduation, I returned to my home state to compete in The Miss Ohio Scholarship Program was the recipient of the Miss Ohio Spirit Award and 4th runner up to Miss Ohio in 2004. I was also awarded the prestigious Miss America Community Service Award for my work raising awareness of dating violence on high school and college campuses in Ohio and Indiana. I’ve held three local titles, competed at the state level 3 times and earned thousands of dollars in scholarships, which I used as a student at Ball State and to pay off college loans after graduation.

I am a strong proponent for the Miss America Organization and the positive impact it has on the women who compete in the program.  For this reason I am honored to help choose the next Miss Ball State who will be vying for the title of Miss Indiana in June. It is also a special honor to serve the University that we love so much.  I am especially grateful the the director of the Miss Ball State pageant, Carol Kosisko, who invited me to judge the competition.  Carol was my first director and has remained a dear friend. The next Miss Ball State is very lucky to have such a kind, encouraging and supportive director on their side!

I’ll post the results on Sunday!

Jennifer Keller, Miss Ball State 2002

2002 Miss Ball State University Top 5

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Final Days On The Set of “Abner, The Invisible Dog”

Jennifer with Director Fred Olen Ray and co-star, Ted Monte

Jennifer with Director Fred Olen Ray and co-star, Ted Monte


The last day of filming is always bittersweet.  It is exciting to finish a project but it is sad to say goodbye to the cast and crew who have been your family during the shoot.  Here are my favorite pics from our last day on set.
Sweet Jane Kean brought butterscotch treats on set for us!

Sweet Jane Kean brought butterscotch treats on set for us!

Jennifer with the awesome crew of "Abner, The Invisible Dog"

Jennifer with the awesome crew of “Abner, The Invisible Dog”


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“Abner, The Invisible Dog” is on IMDB

“Abner, The Invisible Dog” is on IMDB!  Check it out on my page:

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First Day of Filming “Abner, The Invisible Dog”


Jennifer on set with co-stars Jane Kean and Ted Monte

I started filming “Abner”, a new Independent Feature Film on November 18th.  “Abner” is a kids movie and I have been cast as the mother of the lead character.   The first day of filming I met my co-stars, Ted Monte and Jane Kean.  What an honor to work with both of them.  Jane Kean was a series regular on “The Jackie Gleason Show”, starred in Pete’s Dragon (a personal fav when I was a kid) and has a resume that spans decades.   Ted Monte plays my husband in the film and he has also been working for years.  Both actors were really nice and funny.   It was a great way to start my 5 day shoot!

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I booked a role in an Independent Feature Film!  I start on Sunday and shoot 6 days over the next week and a half.  I am very excited. Details will follow.  Keep checking back!

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Acting Reel

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Co-Star Audition

On Friday, I had an audition for a co-star role in a show on the CW.  This is my third co-star audition since signing with Clear Talent Group (thanks to Brianna and Nelson!).  On a side note, curious about what it means to audition for a co-star?  Read this post:

I’m going to keep the name of this show confidential so I can talk  in detail about the audition and my preparation for it.  Releasing information about a TV show, film or commercial that you, the actor, auditions for is a BIG “no, no”.   The Entertainment Industry prides itself in the element of surprise.

I checked my e-mail and read through the sides. The role was a “Pageant Mom” of a 7-year-old girl.  So how did I prepare for that?  I watched TLC’s “Toddlers and Tiaras” online.  Seriously.  I’m not familiar with the world of kids pageants, and this might sound cliché,  but it gave me some new ideas for my character.

Afterwards I chose my outfit to get “in character” and practiced my lines. A lot of work for a couple of lines, but totally worth it!!  The whole process is very exciting for me.

The next day I arrived at the studio and checked in with security. Surprisingly, there were not any other actresses in the waiting room.  I actually like to see who else is auditioning for the role.  It gives me an idea of what the Casting Director might be looking for.

The Casting Associate  walked in and called my name. I was brought into a small audition room with a blue wall and a small camcorder.  Generally speaking, co-star roles are taped for the producers to watch. The role is then cast off the tape.  The Casting Associate asked me to give three different interpretations of the scene without stopping the camera in between takes.  That’s where your training comes in–I didn’t have time to stop and think about my delivery, I had to trust my instincts.

Overall, I felt like I gave three distinct interpretations for this character.  That’s all I can ask for.  Now, if I fit what casting is looking for, then I’ll get the role. But I know I left the studio feeling like I did my job well.

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“Short Term” Webisode Shoot

A friend of mine is an actor and producer of a webisode called “Short Term”.  “Short Term” is a web series that takes a comedic look at the day to day life at a Temp Agency.  On Thursday, my friend asked if I would be interested in shooting a co-star role for the series finale. The scene called for a family, so she also asked if my husband and toddler daughter would be interested in filming .  My husband is not pursuing a career in the business, but he is a real natural and was up for it.

The Saturday morning shoot went great.  The scene was very sweet, I am grateful to have been a part of it.  Though I have to say, I think my toddler stole the show.  She was so sweet.  She had a line, but in true toddler form, she added her own lines.  Everyone on set was smiling.  She did a great job.  And, for the record, so did my husband.

We’ll be very excited to see the finale.

If you haven’t watched “Short Term” yet, check it out at

Check out a photo from the shoot on Instagram:







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Co-Star Audition

Today I had a co-star audition for a new Fall TV Show called “Animal Practice”.  “Animal Practice” is a comedy about a Veterinarian who does not like his patients’ owners.  Check it out, it’s pretty funny.

First of all, let’s talk about what a co-star is.  I know the terms can be pretty confusing: co-star, guest-star, recurring, series regular…what does it all mean?  A co-star is a small role in one episode of a TV Show.  The size of a co-star role can vary from episode to episode.  Sometimes a co-star is in one scene, such as a nurse, secretary or cop, and has a line or two. A co-star can also be a supporting character to a series regular (a starring character who is seen in every episode) and may be in a couple different scenes with a line or two in each scene. And, according to Nelson at Clear Talent, can sometimes work up to a week on the whole episode.

For those of us actors who are just starting out in TV, the co-star role is a chance to get a foot in the door. Like any other profession, an actor has to work their way up the ladder by starting with co-star bookings, then guest star roles (meaning the storyline centers around that particular character, or they have a larger and more significant role in the script) and ideally recurring guest star and series regular roles.

Are there actors who climb the ladder quickly and after one booking find themselves auditioning for series regulars?  Of course.  But there are also actors who work regularly as guest stars and co-stars and have not been able to break into a series regular role. And there are actors all over LA just trying to get their foot in the door with auditions for co-star roles.

So, this was a big opportunity! Very exciting.

Back to the audition.  I was thrilled to receive the call from Clear Talent Group about this audition.  The first thing I did was read through the sides, which included 2 different scenes.   Next, I checked out the producers and director on IMDB so I would be familiar with their work and style. Lastly, I needed to become familiar with this new show so I would understand the tone of the scene and (very importantly) know who my character was talking to.  I easily found the pilot on Hulu and settled in to watch it.

As I wrote above, the show is funny.  It is a single camera comedy, from the producers of “The Office” and “Community”.  I know I’ll be watching for the next episode in 2 weeks!

Once I understood the tone of the show, I worked on my lines and (also very importantly) picked out my outfit.  I needed to make sure I chose something that fit the character.  Once “in costume”, I could continue the work to find this character.

The audition was at 10 am this morning for Lisa Miller Katz Casting. I was so afraid of morning traffic that I left super early and arrived with 25 minutes to spare.  It’s always better to be early!!  I found the casting office and signed in.  Of course, I had to look around the room at the other ladies auditioning.  I always look at what everyone else is wearing.   I guess I want to make sure my outfit choice was spot on. It was. Whew!

Before I knew it,  I was up.  My agent had already informed me that this audition would be on tape for producers. I met with the Casting Associate,  Sibby Kirchgessner.  I actually met Sibby several years ago when I worked as a Career Consultant at AIA Studios. It was nice to see her again.

Overall I thought the audition went well.  We did two takes on camera and I felt confident about that second take.

Thanks to Brianna and Nelson at Clear Talent Group for sending me out and to Lisa Miller Katz Casting for calling me in!

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Two Auditions

Summer has been slow for auditions.  Which is why I feel so grateful to been sent out for auditions twice this week.

Monday I auditioned for Rick Montgomery Casting in West Los Angeles.  The audition was for a commercial featuring athletic gals.  I am not very athletic, but I donned my fitness gear and drove down there for the audition.  Unfortunately I was paired with a couple of girls for a yoga group.  Let’s just say I’ll be crossing my fingers that they are looking for a clumsy girl who doesn’t know yoga.

Today’s audition was for a commercial print ad with Casting Brothers in Santa Monica.  I know it is going to be a good day when the 405 Highway is clear.  I zipped down to Santa Monica in great time and found a parking space easily.  I love print castings, especially when there isn’t a long wait.  I walked in and the ladies in the waiting room were especially friendly. Within a few minutes it was my turn to audition. I met Joseph, the photographer, who gave me a number and took a few quick pictures of me.

Thanks to Commercials Unlimited and House of Reps for sending me out!

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“One Week” is on IMDB

“One Week” is on IMDB!  Check it out:

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New Theatrical Representation

I am very excited to share that I am now represented by Brianna Barcus at Clear Talent Group for Television and Film!  I am looking forward to working with Brianna and am grateful for this new opportunity.

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New Headshot Session with David Muller Photography

On Monday I had new headshots taken by David Muller.  David has become my “go to” photographer for headshots.  I shot with him on two other occasions and have always been thrilled with the results.  I’ve been in LA for 7 years now and have shot with many photographers in the past, but I’ve had the best results with David.  His headshots are clean, crisp and he has a way of making my eyes “pop” (there’s an old pageant term for you).  And my commercial auditions tripled after my first session with him.  Seriously.

I scheduled this new session with one goal in mind, a new commercial shot.  I shot with David last year and have a variety of really great theatrical looks.  But I’ve dropped 10 lbs since then (bye bye baby weight) so I wanted to try to capture a new commercial look. After a whirlwind 2 weeks of shopping for the “perfect shirt” (and buying 7 shirts in various styles and shade of blue), I popped over to Space 905 in Hollywood for our session.

Upon arriving I was warmly welcomed by Kate Hollinshead, David’s awesome assistant and Make Up Artist extraordinaire.  Coincidentally enough, Kate and I first met on the set of a Tidy Cat Commercial in 2008.  And I was floored when I bumped into her at again at my first session in 2009.  She has become my “go to” Make Up Artist.  She really has a knack for choosing the perfect colors for me so that I photograph well.  And she has to be one the sweetest people I’ve ever met.

Since this is my 3rd time shooting with David and Kate, I am really comfortable with the two of them. They really are more like friends.

If you are looking for new headshots visit  I just cannot say enough good things about David Muller and Kate Hollinshead!!

David is a good sport. He snaps a photo with me for my blog after each headshot session with no complaints.

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Recent Auditions for Jennifer

I’ve been busy with commercial and print auditions the past month, but have been behind in my posts. I want to extend my gratitude to the following casting directors for the auditions and callbacks that I’ve had recently:

Dan Cowan, Broadcast

Michael Sandford, Sanford Casting

Dan Bell, Bell Casting

Katie Taylor, Taylor Casting

Brigid McBride, McBride Casting

David Martinez, David Martinez Photography

Thank you to each of you for the opportunity to audition for your commercial or print projects.  Some of you I have auditioned for in the past, a couple of you called me in for the first time.

I hope to audition for  each of you again in the future.

Thank you again!

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“Selective Memory”, A Short Film

Check out my latest project, a short film called “Selective Memory”

Written and Directed by Thomas D. Moser

Starring Michael O’Hare Wallace, Katherine Phillips Moser and Jennifer Keller

Story: A man wakes up in a restaurant with no memory of how he got there. A wound, gun, and briefcase with just one photograph are his only clues about who he is.

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Thursday, May 31, 2012 · 10:51 am

Jennifer in an Apple “One to One” Campaign

The Apple “One to One” Campaign is up and running:  “One to One” is a cool way for Mac users to learn about their Apple products.  This was a fun shoot and I spent the day playing with iPads and Macbooks. I’m grateful I had the opportunity to work on such a fun print shoot!  Thank you to all who were involved!

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Commercial Callback at Brigid McBride Casting

I was very excited to receive a call from my agents on Monday about a callback for Brigid McBride Casting.  I just fell in  love with this super cute commercial spot.

The callback was same day, scheduled for 2:45 PM in Santa Monica.  I left the house super early.  The 405 South was completely clear, and I arrived in Santa Monica 40 minutes early.  I circled the block, checked my e-mail on my phone, and then wandered into the audition 20 minutes early.

The audition was at a different location, 902 Colorado.  This is the same location as the audition I had at Dan Bell Casting last week.  I signed in with Lucy, and waiting to be paired with another actor.  We chatted about the last audition with Dan Bell Casting and all the cute kiddos that were in the lobby.

I also spotted Mike, the casting associate from the original audition.  He is a funny guy.  I like how he breaks down the scene. He brought each group of actors into the audition room and introduced them.

I was paired with a really cool actor.  We went over our lines a few times and then spent the rest of the time gabbing and building a rapport for the audition.

I wore the same outfit from the original audition, a blue dress with a cardi belted around my waist and knee high boots.  As I was standing waiting to walk into the audition room, I looked down and noticed I had a big run in my nylons!  Eek.  Just then the door opened and we were ushered in.  Se la vie!

We met the client and the director and then slated for the camera.  A slate is a quick greeting, introducing yourself on camera.

The other actor I was paired with was great.  I felt we worked well together.  We had two takes, the second we took notes for the director.

Thank you to Casting Director, Brigid McBride, for the callback!!

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“Wedding Day” at the Downtown Independent Theater

Jennifer with Director/Producer, Andre Gordon, and Producer Stephanie Drapeau

“Wedding Day” screened at Downtown Independent Theater on Saturday.  I attended to support this great film and to see friends from the project.  This is my second time seeing the film on the big screen.   Special thanks to my LA based friends who joined me for the screening!

“Wedding Day” may be available on Netflix in the future.  Keep checking back for details.

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See “Wedding Day” The Feature Film TONIGHT!

Want to see “Wedding Day”? If you live in LA, now is your chance!!  See is TONIGHT, Saturday April 21st at 7 pm. The film is screening at:

Downtown Independent
251 S. Main St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012


“Wedding Day” follows 2 couples getting married as the best day of their lives becomes their worst nightmares.

Starring David Koechner, C Thomas Howell, Stephanie Drapeau, Jennifer Keller, Andre Gordon, Brandon Molale, Sean Field, Kate Siegel and James Lyons

Check out the trailer

I play one of the two brides getting married in the film, opposite Brandon Molale.  Hope you can join me tonight!

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Commercial CALLBACK

My daughter and I had a callback at Dan Bell Casting!  We were scheduled for a 2 PM callback on Tuesday, April 17th.

When we arrived the casting office was filled with adorable babies and toddlers!  My sweet pea wanted to talk to each of them, so we walked around the room and made new friends. We also met Dan Bell in the lobby, who was very nice.

Before I knew it, we were up.  Dan escorted us into the room and we met the clients and the director.  The casting associate gave me the rundown for the commercial and the director gave a few notes before calling “Action”.   My girl was really cute, talking to me and pointing out things in the room.  I think she did a great job.

Thank you to Dan Bell Casting for the callback!!

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Two More Days to Help “One Week”

Only 2 days left and we are still trying to raise money for post-production costs. Pretty please help us out, every little bit counts:

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Commercial Audition at Dan Bell Casting

Friday was a day of firsts! My 15 month old and I had our first Mother/Daughter Commercial Audition at Dan Bell Casting, an office I’ve never auditioned at before.

Our audition was scheduled for 11:20 AM.  Since the baby naps at 11:30 AM (was acting particularly grumpy that morning),  I packed her up early in an effort to arrive early at the casting office in Santa Monica   My hope was that we would audition and then the baby would be able to sleep in the car on the ride home. However, when we arrived, I realized she had fallen asleep in her carseat!  I decided to let her sleep.  At ten after 11, I woke her and packed her in the stroller. Luckily there were not too many tears! I gave her some snacks.  I’ve learned that distraction is the key to parenting.

My mind was racing as I signed in.  “How will she act in this audition?” I thought to myself. “Will she be grumpy?” “Will she cry?” I decided I couldn’t worry too much about it.  Kids will be kids.

Once we arrived, however, she was really interested in the other babies in the room.  My girl was older than the other babies, who were all between 7 and 10 months old.  She pointed at the other babies and “chatted” with the moms.  Things were looking up!

When it was our turn, we walked into the casting room and met the casting associate.  I had a few lines, the rest of the audition was about the baby.  And she did a great job!  She was just so sweet.  She wasn’t her usual smiley self, but she was chatty and oh so cute.  Even the casting associate couldn’t help but react to her.

I am grateful that our first audition together went so well!  Special thanks to Dan Bell Casting for calling us in and to my agents at CU for submitting us!

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The “One Week” Indie Go Go Campaign

We reached our minimum goal!  We are grateful to our supporters. Thank you for believing in us and in this project!

We are still trying to raise $500 for post-production costs, which include editing, reproduction, distribution, marketing and fees for submitting to film festivals .

If you haven’t already, please consider helping us with this film. You will forever be attached to a piece of movie magic.

And to those who have already helped us, thank you again!

To learn more, visit

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Commercial Print Ad

On Tuesday I worked on a commercial print shoot! Company and Product TBA.  But it was a fun shoot and I met a lot of really cool people.  I am grateful for this opportunity.

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“One Week” Short Film

“One Week” goes into production on March 31 – April 2! “One Week” is directed by Thomas D. Moser and is starring:

Jennifer Keller – Jill

Ryan Daniel Dobson – Adam

Jennifer Jarrett – Kelly

Brad Carter – Roy

John Ruby – Tim

Steve Sirkis – Wes

Debra Lynn Hull – Deborah

Visit our facebook page for more info:

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Commercial Print BOOKING

Exciting news!  I booked a new commercial print campaign!  This is my second print booking this year.

Special thanks to Michelle Metzner at Currently Casting  and to my awesome print agent, Aurora at KSR Models for submitting me.

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Print Casting

On Monday I had a Commercial Print Audition with Currently Casting Inc.  This was the first time I’ve auditioned for this casting office.

The audition was held at On Your Mark Casting Studios in Sherman Oaks.  Lucky for me, this office is just a hop, skip and a jump from my apartment.  I left the munchkin with my awesome hubby and made it to the Studio in record time.

Once I arrived, I signed in and looked up my bar code.  For those of you who are not familiar with “the bar code”, let me fill you in. Maybe 4 years ago a new, Industry recognized casting site called “Casting Frontier” popped up.  This site assigns each actor with a bar code that links to their online actor’s profile.  The casting offices that use Casting Frontier scan each actor’s bar code right before the audition to link that profile to the actor in the room.

I was paired with another actor for the audition and I felt like we had a great rapport, which is always a good thing for auditions.  When it was our turn, we were introduced to the casting director,  Michelle Metzner.  What a sweet woman!  Michelle was so likable and friendly in the room.  It was so nice to meet her.

Our bar codes were taken and we were photographed for the print casting call

Special thanks to Michelle Metzner for the audition and to KSR Models for submitting me.

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Press from the “Wedding Day” Premiere


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“One Week” Short Film and Fundraising Campaign

“One Week” is a romantic comedy that gives an honest look into the dishonest world of online dating. We follow Jill, a woman who wants love, but will settle for a date in a hurry just to keep up appearances for her family. However, some things aren’t meant to be rushed. She soon finds herself in surprising situations, which leads her to new insights about life and love.

Starring: Jennifer Keller, Brad Carter, Ryan Dobson, Debra Lynn Hull, and Jennifer Jarrett.

Directed by: Thomas D. Moser


In order to make this short film, we need between $1000-$1500 to get started.  Want to help? Visit:

Wondering what we’re going to do with it?

  • Studio Lighting Rental will cost roughly $200-$250 a day
  • A Sound Technician will cost roughly $300-$400
  • Cast/Crew lunch/drinks/snacks will cost roughly $200 a day

We understand that you may not be able to contribute to our campaign financially, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help!  Please spread the word about our film on Facebook and Twitter. Post a link to our Indie Go Go Campaign on your site.  And “like” us on Facebook so we can keep you up to date with our project.

Thanks so much for your help and support!


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“Wedding Day” Film Review



The first review for “Wedding Day” is IN:

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On the Red Carpet at the Premiere of “Wedding Day”

An official photograph of Jennifer Keller at the Premiere of "Wedding Day"
Photo Credit: Jeff Knight

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“Wedding Day” Film Premiere

The “Wedding Day” Film Premiere and Red Carpet Event was Monday night!  It was such an exciting night.  “Wedding Day” is an Independent Feature Film that I worked on in 2010 and 2011. I have worked on a number of short films in the past few years, but this is my first leading role in a full length feature film.  This was a big night for me.

I bought a new dress from White House/Black Market for the event.  I spend an hour getting ready, making sure my hair and make up looked just right. And finally, I was ready to drive into Hollywood for the Premiere.

When I arrived I was escorted to the red carpet and was photographed by about 10 different photographers.  Next I was interviewed about the film.  Afterwards I was able to catch up with the cast  and directors of “Wedding Day” in the lobby, many of which I haven’t seen since we first started filming in 2010.  To learn more about the cast, visit

After all the actors walked the red carpet and were interviewed, we were escorted into the screening room to watch the film  It looked great!  There will be a limited theatrical release soon. Keep checking back for details.

Check out a few  personal photos from the event:

Jennifer Keller and Brandon Molale at the Premiere of “Wedding Day”. Jennifer plays “Brooke” who is engaged to marry “Cody”, played by Brandon.

Jennifer with director, Dale Fabrigar

Jennifer with Director/Producer, Andre Gordon, and Producer Stephanie Drapeau

For more photos, visit:


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Audition for a Short Film

On Friday I auditioned for a short film at CAZT, which is a casting facility located on N Formosa Ave in West Hollywood.

I auditioned for the role of Judy in a film called “Lifers”.  The film was described as a dark comedy.

Soon after signing in, I was welcomed into the audition room by the director, Mike Fitzgerald and the producer, Christian Parent.  I asked a quick question about the sides and then we jumped right into the audition.  The audition was a single take, on tape.

Thanks to Christian and Mike for the opportunity!

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Commercial Print CALLBACK

I had a print callback on Valentine’s Day for a Jeans Company.  I won’t say which one, but I will say the callback was held at 5th & Sunset Studios in Santa Monica.

I arrived early for my 10:45 AM callback.  I had my sweet pea in tow and my good friend Brittani came with me to take care of her while I auditioned.

The models were asked to wear a black swimsuit to the callback and upon arriving were given jeans to try on for the client’s approval.  Models who were approved were then photographed.

I was brought to the changing area with a group of 3 other girls. One girl was already back there finishing up.  The jeans were in all cuts, including high and low waists as well as bootcut and straightleg.

Now, let me just say something about the audition process.

It never ceases to amaze me the things that actors/models say on set. For my readers out there, do not EVER complain or badmouth a product on set or in an audition.  Especially when the clients are sitting right around the corner!

Two of the ladies around me were making smart comments about the high waist jeans and the leg cuts, but what they failed to understand that the callback was not about them, it was about finding the right model for the PRODUCT.  While the 20-some-year-old models may not choose that particular cut, the product is being marketed to a different demographic.  And it is RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL to trash the product on set.

I always worry that the client or casting director will overhear their conversations and think that I am among the trash-talkers in the situation.  I usually keep my mouth shut, distance myself from them or try to say something positive about the product.

So, the moral of the story, be GRATEFUL for every audition. Do NOT trash the product on set. And remember that not only are you auditioning for the current job, but for other opportunities with that same casting director down the line.

Now, back to my experience.

The first pair of jeans I was given was not a good fit for my body type.  The second pair was a different style and much better fit.  I was sent over to the casting director, Michael, and the photographer, Matt.

I was thrilled to have the opportunity. And I’m thankful to casting, and of course to my agents at KSR Models for the opportunity.

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Commercial Print Ad


On February 10th I worked on a Commercial Print Ad.  Company and Campaign TBA.  It was a great shoot.  I am grateful for the opportunity.

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Commercial Print BOOKING

Good news!  I booked a commercial print campaign.  Company and Product TBA.  I shoot on Friday.

Special Thanks my print agent, Aurora, at KSR, to Yvonne Armstrong at Armstrong Casting for inviting me to audition, and to everyone involved in this Print Campaign for choosing me!

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Wedding Day Trailer

Check out the new Trailer for “Wedding Day”


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“Wedding Day” Film Sneak Peak

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A Commercial AND Print Audition

Oh, what a week! Yesterday I had a commercial audition and today I had a print casting. And its only Wednesday. If only every week was like this one!

Yesterday my agent, Richie at CU, called to say that I had an audition at Ross Lacy Casting.  I am grateful for every opportunity to audition for this busy office.

I arrived early at 200 S. La Brea for the audition.   There were a number of people in the waiting room, which meant I would be there a while. No worries though, just part of the job.

I had the munchkin with me,  unfortunately. Generally I am able to find a babysitter for same day auditions, but occasionally I can not.  That’s part of the challenge of balancing my career and my personal life.  So we walked the waiting room and made new friends.  My munchkin is a really sweet girl.  She has to “talk” to everyone.  She has 14 words in her vocabulary (which is pretty good for a 13 month old), but she “babbles” complete conversations with everyone she meets.  I just have to laugh.

Soon it was my turn to audition. The commercial spot was great. This was for a “non-mom” spot, casual dress. I met a new casting associate, Michael, who was really cool.

All I can do is keep my fingers  crossed for a callback.

Today KSR Models sent me to Armstrong Casting for a commercial print casting call. I haven’t auditioned at this office since I was pregnant, so it was good to be back. I’ve always enjoyed auditioning at Armstrong Casting.  First the photographer takes the photos, then flips on a video camera and asks a couple of questions so they can get a better sense of who you are.

There were a number of moms in the waiting room with babies.  It was good to see that I’m not the only one trying to make it work.  And to those moms, I tip my figurative hat.  It’s not easy. But if you have a dream, you go for it.

Special thanks to Casting Directors Ross Lacy and Yvonne Armstrong for the auditions.

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Commercial Callback

I realize that I’ve fallen a little behind on some of my posts. And for those of you who were wondering whether or not I received a callback for the commercial audition I wrote about in….I DID (Yay)!

The callback was at Ross Lacy Casting at 200 South LaBrea.  It was cold and rainy day in Los Angeles that day.  I arrived in good time and parked on the street at a meter.  I generally try to find  free parking a couple blocks away, but I choose a parking space with a close proximity to the front door instead.

Once inside, I saw a number of families with children between the ages of 5 and 7.  The kids are all so sweet, playing together.  I am always impressed by how well children do while at auditions, especially when there is a long wait.

I signed in and scanned the list.  I was the first woman to sign in, meaning I would also be the first to audition. Instantly I was relieved that I was on time for this callback!!

I was paired with another actor and 3 kids of different ages. We walked into the room and greeted the clients.  Once we were given the instructions for the audition, each child had  their chance to audition with the “parent”.  Afterwards each actor, child and adult alike, were photographed.  We were most likely photographed so casting could review the photos when pairing the family in the commercial.

Thanks again to Ross Lacy Casting for the opportunity!


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Commercial Audition and a Funny Story

Today, I had a commercial audition at Ross Lacy Casting!  I haven’t been called in by Ross Lacy since before my pregnancy, so it was really awesome to get the opportunity.

I had a 2:45 PM audition scheduled and I arrived 15 minutes early.  My friend, Jen, met me there so she could watch the baby.   I’m lucky to have such a good friend.

I arrived in my best commercial “mom” attire: cardigan sweater and jeans (watch any commercial featuring a mom and you’ll see).  I knew my friend had an audition this afternoon as well so, counting the names of actresses who signed in before me,  I found myself with a common dilemma:

Do I sign in now, which reserves my spot, and hope that I finish primping before the four actresses ahead of me are done? Or do I primp in the ladies room first and risk the chance that several more actresses will arrive within that time and sign in, increasing my potential wait time?

Now, I realize this could sound like a silly dilemma to my readers, but I work in an industry of first impressions.

**Disclaimer: Yes, I take time to choose my outfit and fix my hair BEFORE I leave the house. But being a mom is a game changer! A lot can happen by the time I pack up the baby, change her diaper, debate on how many baby food squeeze packets/changes of outfits to bring, run back into the house for Cheerios (which my little sweet pea is asking for as I lock up the door… and since she only has a handful of words, this is a big deal), lumber down the steps to the parking garage with baby/purse/diaper bag/headshots/another bright-colored cardigan (in case the role is more comedic) in tow, pack everyone/thing into the car and drive 20 minutes to the audition site.**

So, back to my dilemma, I decided to take a gamble and sign in FIRST.  As I turned to Jen to say “I’m going to run to the ladies room”,  my name was called for the audition. Awesome.  So I had to forgo the lip gloss, yank out my ponytail and shove my sunglasses into my pocket as I walked into the audition room.

To top it off, I was chewing gum, which is a big “NO, NO!”  I looked frantically for a garbage can. Two wire metal trash cans were within range, but neither had a bag in them so I improvised and pressed the gum to the roof of my mouth.  Ha! I haven’t done that since 8th grade history class in an effort to avoid getting written up by Mrs. Denges (and if you’re reading this, Mrs. Denges, it was only once).  This was not an ideal situation, but sometimes you gotta make it work.

The audition went smooth and I was in and out (and, in case you were wondering, at no time did I choke on the gum).

This just goes to show that even a seasoned commercial actress needs a little reminder now and then of proper audition protocol: PRIMP BEFORE YOU SIGN IN.

Did this crazy situation mess up my “game face” or ruin my chances at receiving a call back? I would say no.  It’s like planning a wedding–no matter how much you anticipate, something will always go wrong and usually the only one to notice it is you.  So, if I’m right for the part it won’t matter that every hair was not in place.

I had one last surprise as Jen and I were saying our goodbyes. My sweet little teething girl, let out a big scream in the middle of the crowded, 6 room casting facility.  *Sigh*  And with that, it was time to go.  Never a dull moment!

Overall, it was so nice to read for Ross Lacy Casting again. As always, I am grateful for the opportunity and for my wonderful agents at Commercials Unlimited, who consistently submit me for great projects!


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