New Model Shots for Jennifer Keller

I had the pleasure of shooting new model shots with Thuc Nguyen the other day.  Here is a preview:

 Jennifer Keller Model Shot 11Jennifer Keller Model Shot 08 

Check out “Model Shots” at the top of the page for more photos. 

Thanks!  ~ Jennifer


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One response to “New Model Shots for Jennifer Keller

  1. Great website jennie, congrats on all your accomplishments.I really like the photo of you w/ the red shirt on your looking for agents spot. its strikingly beautiful. It looks like you are doing GRRReat!!
    That baby looked heavy!! must’ve been a boy ?? I used one of those for many years….Happy birthday next week.. I wrote 30 on your card but you’re only 28..Lil is 32.Ida is 30 .you and lincoln are 28 , em is 26 and I am getting senile.
    Actually I am 54,my dad is 84, and my mom is gonna be 79. WOW.
    Here’s a new quote..whenever God closes a door He always opens another one..but sometimes its hell in the hallway!!
    Love you..SusieMama

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