Jennifer in “The Caveman Crib Party”

The Gieco Cavemen are back and funnier than ever!  If you haven’t checked out “The Caveman Crib Party” at, you should now!  This is the only site that gives you access to the Cavemen’s “private lives”.  Have fun “snooping” around their posh apartment after the biggest party of the year.  If you look close enough, you will find that several of the guests left their cell phones around the house, and if you look closer you can watch video clips from the big party!

I play Sarah, a new love interest for Max (Max has been the lead character in the Gieco Caveman Commercials for the past 4 years).   Below is a photo of me with The Guys (in order of appearance):  Eric, Marty and Max.

Jennifer Keller as Sarah in the Cavemen Crib Party

Jennifer Keller as Sarah in "The Cavemen Crib Party"


For a quick peak at  “The Caveman Crib Party”,  check out my acting reel at the top of the page.

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