Commercial Audition for Tidy Cat!

It was so great to audition for Lien/Cowan Casting today.  Dan Cowan is a great casting director, and it is always nice to see him and his associate, Mark.  Mark is great to audition for, he is usually in the room whenever I am called in for Lien/Cowan.

 Today’s audition was for Tidy Cat Litter and I am pleased with my audition.  I am hoping for a callback!



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2 responses to “Commercial Audition for Tidy Cat!

  1. Kalie Rawn

    I would like to audition i have hit a rough patch in my long drawn out life so how could i do I have been trying to model for a long time and have just its my passion so i want to meet good people travel and do what i love and i have a cat that interacts awesome with me 🙂 and i have an awesome idea 🙂

  2. Good luck to you, Kalie. Thanks for checking out the site


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