Commercial Wardrobe Fitting AND First Day of Filming Empires

Today was a busy day!  First thing this morning I had a wardrobe fitting for the Tidy Cat National Commercial.  This is a large campaign and I am one of 10 actors for this spot.  I play “The Midwestern Girl”.  I met the cats I will be working with, and they are very sweet.  I am a cat person, I have a sweet kitty cat at home.

Right after the wardrobe fitting, I drove to Beverly Hills to film the first scene of the pilot presentation, “Empires”.  In this scene, Cora is devastated by a death in the family, but will always scheming, she realizes she must take care of herself and her interests.



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2 responses to “Commercial Wardrobe Fitting AND First Day of Filming Empires

  1. Gabriela

    Hello Jennifer

    My name is Gabriela and I couldnt help noticing that your agent is Randi Rubenstein! Is the Randi you know male or female? I ask because I think I know who your talking about! He is my agent as well!

  2. Hi Gabriela. Thanks for your comment. Are you also represented by Commercials Unlimited in Los Angeles, CA?

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