Tidy Cat Commercial

Tuesday afternoon I shot the Tidy Cat commercial.  What a neat experience!  I arrived early to fill out my paperwork, and then went into hair and make up.  When I reached wardrobe, they gave me a new cardigan to wear for the shoot.  I liked the color, it really brought out my eyes.

On set I worked with two cats, including a beautiful Calico named Shelly (nickname “Diva”) who sat in my lap.  Everyone was so nice and I think the commercial spot is going to turn out great!

Here is a photo of me on location, looking very much like a “Midwestern Girl”:

Tidy Cat commercial



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2 responses to “Tidy Cat Commercial

  1. Candace

    woooo hooo…. how exciting!! I bet mom is super excited

  2. vincent onasti

    is there some kind of fan club of yours i can join!…..lol

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