On-Camera Classes with Christinna Chauncey

I signed up for an 8 week On-Camera Intensive with  Christinna Chauncey and tonight was the first class.  I met Christinna at The Actor’s Bootcamp last year, and have been interested to take her class ever since.

For the next 4 weeks my classmates and I will be working on Cold Reading scenes from 1/2 comedies and 1 hour dramas.  The last 4 weeks are devoted to “The Pilot and Preparing to Test for The Network”.

Tonight’s topic: Cold-Reading and “Commanding the Audition”.  For the first cold reading exercise, we were each given a co-star role in a 1 hour drama.  I was given a great scene from “CSI”.  After the c0ld read exercise,  it was time to watch the tape.  It was eye-opening! 

Christinna had a lot of sweet things to say about my performance and look on camera.  I am going to enjoy honing my skills for the camera over the next 7 weeks!


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