On-Camera Classes with Christinna Chauncey, Week 5

Jennifer Keller preparing for her mock audition in class

Jennifer Keller preparing to mock audition for the role of attorney Carla Brown


In Week 5 of class with Christinna Chauncey, my classmates and I worked on a mock callback exercise for guest star roles.  I read for the role of Carla Brown, an attorney in “Brothers and Sisters”.  My classmates served as the Producers in the room.  After the “audition”, my classmates and I watched the footage and Christinna gave notes.

During the second half of class Christinna talked about script analysis and technique breakdown.  I also received the material for the mock pilot exercise next week.  Christinna provided us with a breakdown of the character, the pilot script, and separate audition sides.   My pilot is called “Conspiracy” and I am reading for the role of Samantha Cross, a series regular.


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