Thursday Night Agent Workshop and Improv Class

On Thursday night I attended an Agent Workshop at The Network Studio in Studio City, CA.  I met with Nicole Cataldo with Diverse Talent Group.  What a sweet woman!  For my audition, I used a soap scene.  I felt really good about my audition and I hope that Diverse Talent is looking for my type!

After my audition, I high tailed it to Improv class at Monkey Butler.  I get such a kick out of this class!  First of all, the class is huge and everyone is so friendly.  I’m pretty new to Improv, and it can be intimidating, but in this class I feel pretty comfortable putting myself out there.   The exercises we worked on last night were “Freeze Tag”, “Serenade”, and “Waiter, there is a _____ in my soup”.  I was chosen as the one of the receivers of the “Serenade” .  One of my classmates asked me a few questions about myself, IE. What do you do for a living? What is your favorite pet?, and each person had to step forward and improv a line of a song.  It was hilarious!


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