Two Commercial Auditions on Thursday!

Thursday was a great day!  My wonderful agents at Commercials Unlimited scheduled me for two commercial auditions! 

First stop was Lisa Pantone Casting at The Casting Lounge.  The audition was for a Pillsbury spot.  This was my first time auditioning for Lisa and I felt really great about my audition.  Not only that, I met Lisa in the audition room and she was fantastic!  Often at commercial auditions a casting assistant runs the audition and the casting director watches the live feed in another room.  Lisa was very hands on and was very sweet to me.  I am glad to have met her and I hope to audition for her again soon.

Second stop was Maryclaire Sweeters Casting.  The audition was for a large Walmart Campaign.  I have auditioned for Maryclaire Sweeters once before, but I think it was about a year ago.  It was great to be called into her office again.  

Overall I was very happy with both auditions.  Thursday was a great day!



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3 responses to “Two Commercial Auditions on Thursday!

  1. nitin sharma

    want to act in your film……..plz dear give me chance…

  2. Hi Nitin,

    Thanks for your interest in my career. I am not casting any projects at this time, I am an actress who auditions and works in commercials.

    Best wishes to you in your career.


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