“The Actors Bootcamp” Dinner and Discussion

On Wednesday night I was invited to join Kim Dorr and the  instructors from “The Actor’s Bootcamp” (an annual event sponsored by The Beacon)  for a wonderful dinner at Barsac Brasserie in North Hollywood.  In attendance were Beverly Holloway, Scott Fish, Anthony Barnao, Mark Atteberry, Clay Banks, Christinna Chauncey and Cassie Boyd.  It was really a lovely evening.  In addition to discussing “The Actors Bootcamp” and the needs for next year’s event, we talked at length about the Industry.  Well, mostly I listened to the insights of the group.  Each person worked in a different facet of the Industry and it was very interesting to hear the different perspective of what’s going on right now. 

Special Thanks to Kim Dorr for the invite!  I look forward to assisting her and Cassie Boyd with next year’s Actors Bootcamp.


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