Two Auditions on Tuesday!

Tuesday was an exciting day!  I had 2 auditions, one commercial audition and one film audition!

First stop was Broad-Cast, Dan Cowan’s casting agency, where I auditioned for a K-Mart Commercial.  The spot called for a fashionable woman so I wore a watermelon pink dress.  Sometimes the toughest job is deciding on wardrobe for a commercial audition based on what info my agent gives over the phone.  The commercial audition went great, a lot of fun!

Second stop was USC for a MFA Graduate Film called  “Beauty, Brains, & Personality”.  I read for the role of Lynette.   “Beauty, Brains, & Personality” is adapted from a Emmett Loverde play featuring 3 strong women characters.

Overall I was very happy with both auditions.   Keep your fingers crossed for me!


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  1. matt

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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