Improv Class at Monkey Butler

Thursday night I attended my weekly Improv class at Monkey Butler.  I was pleasantly surprised when my teacher, Sean Hancock, invited me to perform in the student showcase at Monkey Fest, the monthly Improv Show.  As flattered as I was by the invitation, I decided to hold off until I have a little more Improv training under my belt.  Sean said he would follow up with me for next month’s show.  Very exciting!

Once everyone arrived for class, we got right to work.  The Improv exercises we worked on were “Zip, Zap, Zop”, ”GO!”  (Improv scenes)  and “Beastie Rap”.   I really enjoyed “GO!”.  In addition to the 2 people who started the scenes, anyone in class could “jump” in fill in a character as needed.  I really enjoyed that.  It was fun to bring a little color to the scenes as needed!



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2 responses to “Improv Class at Monkey Butler

  1. Sammi Henry

    My daughter is 13 and we wanted to know what has helped you the most to get so many callbacks. What commercial classes do you recommend?

  2. Hi Sammi,

    Thanks for checking out my site. I recommend taking classes, whether it be improv comedy, on camera acting or scene study. It is good to work. But beware of price schools for children that charge a lot of money for a curriculum of classes, headshots, etc and talk you into thinking your child is the next Disney star. I worry that those schools prey on the hopes and dreams of children and their parents. I am not an expert on acting schools for pre-teens and children, so I do not have any suggestions for you.

    Your daughter is also going to need a good headshot, which could run anywhere between $200 and $500 for a photographer’s session. Do not pay more than $500 for a headshot session. Yes there are photographers who will charge more, but a good headshot is not dependent on how much you spend. Besides, at 13, your daughter’s look will be constantly changing, which means you will need new shots as she grows up.

    I hope that helps. Good luck!


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