The ANITA RENFROE Presentation Live Taping

On Friday night I went to a live taping of The ANITA RENFROE pilot at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, CA.  Anita Renfroe has a musical comedy show and has been touring across the country.  My mom is a fan and introduced me to Anita’s show,  “Purse-onality” which has a funny take on the highs and lows of being a woman, as well as everything mom!

The pilot was based on her comedy show “Total Momsense” .  Along with Anita, the pilot starred Ryan Stiles (“The Drew Carey Show”) and Dixie Carter (“Designing Women”).  The show is being billed as “a new family sitcom centered around the thought that family comes first, by any means necessary”.  Ryan plays a pastor taking over his father’s perish and Anita plays his wife.  With a nosy mother-in-law (Dixie Carter) and 3 kids with big personalities, comedy ensues!

What a treat it was to watch seasoned actors at work.  I have always loved Dixie Carter, I used to watch re-runs of Designing Women over and over again, it was neat to watch her work live.   It was also fun to watch a 1/2 hour comedy unfold in front of me.  As an “up-and-coming actress”, I dream of the day when I can work on a TV set such as this one. I wish Anita and everyone in the cast the best of luck and I hope to see the show in the line up next fall!


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