Audition at The Sierra Madre Playhouse

 Tonight I auditioned for David Auburn’s Tony Award winning play, “Proof”,  at The Sierra Madre Playhouse.  I read for both the roles of Catherine and Claire, and I felt great about my audition!   This was my first time auditioning at the Playhouse, and I must say that the city of Sierra Madre is so cute and the theater is lovely.

It would be such a treat to be cast in “Proof”.  I just love this play, I first saw it on Broadway in 2004 with Anne Heche in the lead role.  I have also worked on a couple scenes in class at The Actors Space.  I did, however, realize tonight at the audition that I have a conflict right before the show opens.  It may lead to me not being cast in the show.  But, I’ll just have to cross that bridge when I come to it.  As for now, I feel great about my audition!


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