Monkey Butler Class and Farewell

Thursday night I went to my weekly Improv class.  Only this week was very different because it was Sean Hancock’s last class.  Sean Hancock is our trusted Monkey Butler Instructor.  He has been invited to start a Monkey Butler Improv Troupe/Class in England and Spain and will be leaving for Europe for 5 months!  While I am very excited for Sean because of this amazing opportunity, I am disappointed he will be leaving because he is a wonderful teacher. 

As always, class was great!  The Improv exercises we worked on were “Freeze Tag”,  “You Seem…”, and “4 Person Scenes”.   The “4 Person Scene” exercise was really great.  It was all about relationship, relationship, relationship! In this exercise, 4 people were called to the front of the class and each person was given a situation or relationship to start off with.  Then Sean would ask us to “rotate” and we would have to start a new scene with a new person.  Throughout the whole exercise, Sean would call out “rotate” and we would have to pick up where we left off.  Super fun!


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  1. Keep up the great work!

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