Print Audition for Jennifer

On Friday KSR Models sent me to Beachwood Studio for a print casting.  The Print Campaign is for a Pharmaceutical Company looking for bare shoulders, back, arms and legs shots.  I was surprised when I read the breakdown because it called for an age group of 37-42 and I am in my 20’s.  But my agents at KSR are pros and I never question their judgement.  I trust KSR and am happy to have an audition. 

When I arrived at the studio, several of the women who were also there for the audition looked at me like I was in the wrong place.  I checked in with Robin, who was very nice.  After a bit of a wait, I met the photographer, Richard.  I wore a strapless sundress so he could easily photograph my shoulders, arms and legs.   Richard was very nice and I felt very comfortable working with him.


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