Audition For A New Web Series

Today I auditioned to be a host on a new web-base talk show called “The Kitchen Table”.  “The Kitchen Table” is being cast my Lydia Nicole, executive produced by writer, producer, director Robert Townsend and produced by Messiah Jacobs, who I happened to have met last month.  The show is looking for big personalities who are knowledgeable of current events and have great improv skills.  For the audition I “played off of” 2 other actors.  We were given a situation by the director, Allen Sowelle, and asked to take a specific view on the situation.  After that, it was up to us. 

I had a blast!  I’m glad I have been working on my improv skills for the past couple months, because I didn’t miss a beat.  Overall, I walked away feeling really great about my audition.

Special thanks to Messiah Jacobs for the invite to the audition!

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