Film Audition

I was invited to audition for a short film called “Plattitudes”.  Plattitudes is a film that is intended for Internet distribution and is being filmed under a SAG New Media Contract. The audition was held in at the Appian Way office in West Hollywood where I met the Director, John Killoran and the producers, Jennifer and Mike.  The audition sides were not available before the audition, which meant that this would be a cold-read audition, so I arrived 20 minutes early so I could go over the sides a few times before my audition.  I read for “The Girl”, who is the romantic love interst of the male lead. 

Overall I felt really good about my audition and the director really seemed to like my work.  They asked me if I was available for the shoot at the end of the month (of course I am), which is a good sign.


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  1. I hope you get the role! I love reading about everything you’re doing and enjoy your positive attitude and perseverance. Thanks for sharing your exciting experiences.

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