Two Auditions on Wednesday!

With the summer around the corner, things have really slowed down. However, today I had not one, but two auditions!

The first audition was for a SAG Low-Budget Feature Film called “The Disconnect”. I was called in for the role of Karen Nilson, a wife and mother who will “do anything to protect her child”. The role actually called for a woman in her 30s to early 40s. I’m in my 20s, so I decided to give it my best shot. I arrived at CAZT casting facility in Hollywood and there were two women scheduled in front of me, but neither were ready for their audition. So, I went in and gave a strong audition. I walked out feeling really great. It’s too bad that I’m a little young for this role!

The second audition was for a national commercial. My agent, Richie Reiner, sent me to Ocean Park Casting in Santa Monica, CA to audition for a Qwest Commercial.  The attire: “Orange County Housewife”.   This commercial spot is a funny one and it moved pretty fast.  I felt pretty good about my audition.


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  1. Hey Jennifer – I just signed with CU and am hoping to get back ‘out there’ asap. It looks like you’re doing great with them and thats encouraging to me!
    Best –

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