Today I had an audition for a webseries.  I was invited to audition for the role of Megan, the “beautiful girl-next-door dating the lead character”.  The sides were not available prior the audition and the breakdown mentioned that the actors must be “comfortable with edgy comedic material”.   

Well, I arrived at The Barn Studio in West Hollywood and signed in for my audition where I was given the sides.  I read the sides and was taken aback.  This was not my idea of “edgy comedic material” it was vulgarity at the expense of the actress playing the role.  Had the sides been provided prior to the audition, I would have turned it down.  So, I told Brett, the AD who checked me in,that I was uncomfortable with the material.  He told me I was not the only actress to say that.  In fact, another actress at the audition turned down the audition for the same reason I did.  We left within minutes of each other. 

I gave Brett my headshot for consideration for future roles in the series. Ditsy, I can do.  Stuck-up, I can do.  Royal pain in the butt, I can do.  But vulgar or, as the script put it, “kinky” characters are just not the for me.  I am disappointed that I was unable to audition after I got all “dolled up” for the audition, but am comfortable with my decision.  I wish Firepit Productions the best of luck with their project.



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2 responses to “Audition

  1. Lincoln

    Proud of ya! I love how gracious you are about everything too. You are one classy dame, ya know that?

    =) Love ya,

  2. I hear you! It’s always funny when you get to the audition and see how the actual casting differs from the specifications you were given ahead of time. I used to be sent on hispanic roles all the time. It’s very unlikely that I would get a role like that 🙂

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