Commercial Audition on Wednesday

Today my commercial agent, Randi, called me with an audition for Lisa Pantone at The Casting Lounge.  Usually I get a day’s notice, but this audition was scheduled for TODAY between 2-5 PM!  I was thrilled to get the call with an audition, no matter the time frame, and was able to leave work a little early so that I could get down to The Casting Lounge on South LaBrea.

The audition was for a young mom in a Walmart spot.  Randi told me they were actually looking for women 30-40, so she told me to “age it up” since I’m in my 20’s.  I arrived at the audition dressed in my cardigan and khakis with my hair pulled back (I usually look older with my hair pulled back).

There was a long line of women in the casting office when I arrived, but I was happy to wait for my turn at a national spot.  This was my second time auditioning for Lisa Pantone and I just think she is fantastic.  Lisa is right there in the room for the audition and gives direction on what the client is looking for.  Not only did I feel great about my audition, but Lisa told me I gave a really nice read.


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One response to “Commercial Audition on Wednesday

  1. Lincoln

    Personally, I’m really impressed with Jennifer’s blog.

    You can tell that she works very hard on it because she is constantly adding new material daily… and it isn’t junk, either. Her recaps on her workshops, auditions, and special events that she attends give some great insight into what it takes to be a working actress in today’s culture. I think her comments are honest and to the point. She doesn’t talk things up or down, she just says it as it is… which is rare. Also, her pics, videos and bios are consistently clean, professional, and well organized.

    Thanks, Jennifer, for providing something of real substance for those who are interested in this industry!

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