Commercial Audition at Broad-Cast

Today I had a commercial audition for Dan Cowan at Broad-Cast. I am always thrilled when I have an audition at Broad-Cast.  Dan Cowan and everyone in the office is so nice.

Today’s spot was for Mitsubishi.  I arrived early and was greeted by Mark, one of the casting associates at Broadcast.  Mark is great, I am always happy to see him.  He always remembers my name.

The audition went really well.  This is a really cute, non dialogue spot.

Special thanks to my agents at Commercials Unlimited for 2 auditions this week!



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2 responses to “Commercial Audition at Broad-Cast

  1. Andy

    You in a hot car…sounds like a dream Lincoln had last night.

  2. Lincoln

    You better believe it!

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