On-Camera Class with Christinna Chauncey

This Tuesday in class I was given a wonderful scene from a 1 hour “dramity”!   My new scene is from “Glory Days” and my character is Jenny Taylor, a woman who has just run into the man who broke her heart 10 years ago and also wrote a tell-all book about her and the small town that they lived in. 

This is a wonderful scene for me.  Wonderfully quirky and awkward.  Christinna always gives us a good 20 minutes to look over our cold reading scenes before we work on camera.  I really worked on trying to find the quirkiness in this character because I did not want to come across as being nasty.  As for my cold read, it felt great!  I received some really nice commentary from Christinna.  In fact she said I was “wonderfully dorky”.  One of my classmates even said that he was very familiar with the scene and that was the “best time cold reading interpretation he had ever seen”!  Wow!  What a compliment.  I walked out feeling fantastic! 

Next week we return to class for the “call back” with the same scene, dressed appropriately for the character.


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