Agent Workshop

On Friday night I attended an Agent Workshop at AIA Actors Studio in Burbank, CA. The guest agent was Craig Holzberg at Avalon Artist Talent Agency. The evening started of with a Q&A Session with Craig and, as always, I asked if Craig would work with client who already had commercial representation.  Craig said that he only represents clients “across the board”, meaning theatrically and commercially. As you know, I adore my commercial agents and will not leave them.  Randi and Richie have been my team for 3 1/2 years and they have been really good to me.

After the Q&A’s, each actor was given 5 minutes to meet with Craig and perform a monologue or scene. I used a nice dramatic scene from “Shark” that I just worked on in my on-camera class.  Afterwards I felt great about my audition and I asked Craig if he would consider working with me.  He told me that he thought I was “very talented”, but had another “pretty blonde” on his roster.  He also reiterated his policy on representation.


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  1. Couldn’t agree more about Randi & Richie… and Paul too! Love them all!

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