Casting Director Workshop with Chadwick Struck

Tonight I attended a Workshop with Casting Director Chadwick Struck.  The workshop was at AIA Actors Studio in Burbank, CA

Chadwick is currently casting a number of feature films. He is a really cool, laid back guy and announced that he wanted to run this workshop as a mock casting session.  Very cool.

Chadwick passed out sides from several project he has cast.  I was given a scene from a new film called“Finding Bliss”.  In my scene I played Jody, an idealistic 25 year-old award winning film school grad who arrives for an interview at a production company only to find out the company produces pornographic films.  The scene was lighthearted and funny and I felt great about my cold read. I even received a nice compliment from Chadwick.



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2 responses to “Casting Director Workshop with Chadwick Struck

  1. Billy

    Jen, are these events basically cold reads as you state? AIA tells me that they are classes but it is there a curriculum or lesson plan? I know it’s important to network and perform for these CDs but just wondering what the class is about.


  2. Billy,

    If you are curious about Casting Director Workshops at AIA Studios, or any of the other CD workshops companies, I would recommend checking them out for yourself. Every company is different, though I know that AIA puts an emphasis on teaching. CD Workshops are not a guarantee for a job, but I have been invited to audition for Casting Directors that I have met at workshops. And for an actress looking to get her foot in the door, this is the only way to meet the top decision makers in this Industry. A cold headshot mailed to a casting office usually ends up in the trash, but at a workshop, I have a chance to meet someone face to face.


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