Commercial Audition

Today my commercial agent, Richie, notified me of a same day commercial audition.  Usually I get a day’s notice, but this audition was scheduled for today for 3:45 PM at the Ocean Park Casting Facility in Santa Monica.  Sometimes same day auditions mean driving to the casting office with curlers in my hair.  Hey, an actress has to do what an actress has to do!

The audition was for a young mom in a Toyota spot.   I arrived at the audition dressed in my “young mom attire”, a cardigan and khakis capris.    This is a really cute spot, and I did get a laugh from the casting assistant, which is always a good sign, but I fear I might be too young for the role.   I just don’t think I look like I can have a 7  or 8 year old.  I actually look younger than I am.

I have been going out for a  lot of “young mom” roles lately, and I am considering changing my look to accommodate this. Specifically, I am thinking about cutting my hair.  Any thoughts?


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