Casting Director Workshop with Pam Dixon

Tonight I attended a Casting Director Workshop with Pam Dixon, CSA Vice President and top film casting director.

Pam is casting the new “Green Lantern” as well as several other feature films.  I liked Pam, she loves what she does, and casts both independently and for a company called.  She is also very maternal. 

Pam was so busy in casting today that she asked if AIA would provide sides for her class. I was paired with another guy in the class and was given a comedic scene.  I feel pretty confident about my comedic skills and was excited about the scene.  Though my scene partner just didn’t seem that into the scene. In our first performance for Pam, that pacing was really off and way too slow. Pam gave some notes and we were given another chance.  I can only worry about my own performance, so I took her notes.  The second time the scene was much better, but I still don’t think it was where it needed to be.  It was disappointing.  But that’s the way things go sometimes at these casting director workshops.  You’ve got to take the bad with the good.

Overall, it went fine.  But I know that when Pam teaches again at AIA, I will surely take her class again to show her my skills as an actress.


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