Casting Director Workshop with Erica Silverman

Tonight I attended a Casting Director Workshop with Erica Silverman, Casting Associate at April Webster Casting.  April Webster’s office casts a number of successful TV shows and movies such as LOST, Criminal Minds, Fringe and the new Star Trek Movie.  Erica works specifically on Criminal Minds. 

Erica was so sweet.  Prior the class she chatted with me and my fellow co-workers at AIA.  When class started Erica passed out sides from various projects that she has cast.  I was given a mother/daughter scene from a Indie Film.  It was a dramatic piece with a lot of tension between the two characters.    I felt like my scene partner and I gave a really good cold-reading. 

Erica also gave a bunch of great tips for audition for Criminal Minds.  She said that they have anywhere between 8 and 25 co-star and guest star roles to fill AN EPISODE!.  Wow!  I hope that I will have a chance to audition for Erica sometime in the future!


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