Audition for “The Chicago 8”

I am still pinching myself.

I took a Casting Director workshop with Erica Silverman (casting assoc in April Webster’s Office) last week and she called me in for a small role in a film that she is casting called “The Chicago 8”.  The film is based on the Chicago 8 trials in the 1968.  The Chicago 8, as they were called, were all tried in response to the riots at the 1968 Democratic Convention. I was called in for the role of the Court Reporter.  A role with few lines, but lots of screen time.

I researched the Chicago 8 trials before the audition so I would be familiar.  I even found a couple videos on You Tube, which were very helpful. 

I was asked to dress for the era, so I arrived in a peacock blue sheath dress with a scarf in my hair.  I was also wearing blue eyeshadow.  I definitely felt like a little 60’s girl.

I received the sides the day before.  There were 2 lines in the audition sides, which I memorized.  Actor trick of the trade, even if you have the lines memorized, always hold the script.  You may get nervous and lose your place.   So, I brought my sides in and felt prepared.  The audition was on tape for producers, so I did not see Erica again at the audition.

Overall, I felt like I did a good job.  However, I looked at the shoot dates and it looks like the movie start filming the day after I fly back from Europe, so I would miss any wardrobe fittings or table reads of the script.    So, we’ll just see what happens.  I can’t worry about that.

Overall I am so thankful to have had this experience!  Special Thanks to Erica Silverman for the audition!!!


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2 responses to “Audition for “The Chicago 8”

  1. Kari

    Do you know where exactly they’re shooting this movie? LA, Chicago or New York…? I’d like to be an extra, that’s why I’m wondering. And did you get the part?

  2. I believe filming is in LA and was scheduled to start in early September

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