Casting Director Workshop with Stacey Rosen

Tonight I attended a Casting Director Workshop with Stacey Rosen at AIA Actors Studio.

Stacey casts the majority of Movies of the Week (MOW) in this Industry.  Many of the films that she casts are seen on the Lifetime and Hallmark Channels.  It was fascinating to hear her journey as a casting director.  And she really broke down step by step what the audition process is like in her office and her likes/dislikes when it comes to actors. Very helpful and interesting.

Stacey was very prepared and had prepped sides for each actor prior to arriving to class.  Each scene was from a MOW she had cast.  I was given a scene from a MOW based on a true story.  In the scene, the character is talking to a therapist about a terrible event that she recently endured. Stacy did not pair us with a partner, instead she read with each actor, just as she would in a casting session.  I received very good feedback from Stacey.  She gave me a couple notes and redirected me for the “second take” and I felt even better about my performance.

I wasn’t going to stay for class because I was feeling SO jet lagged (it was my first day back), but I am so glad that I pushed through it.  Stacey was so informative and I felt great about my scene.  What a nice evening.

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