Casting Director Workshop with Megan Foley

Tonight I attended a Casting Director Workshop with Commercial CD Megan Foley. The workshop was at AIA Actors Studio in Burbank.

I auditioned, and was called back for, a Clairitin Commercial that Megan cast over a year ago, but have not auditioned for her since.  So I was really looking forward to meeting Megan again.

Megan was all about the Q&A’s, and since there were various level of actors in the workshop, there were many questions that were answered.  Megan’s tips for commercial audition was to always “pick 3 different ways of saying a line” and “think about saying it to 3 different people in your life”.

Megan passed out a series of commercial lines from an Acura commercial and each person in the class was asked to choose one line and prepare it 3 different ways.   I chose the line “They give excellent service and after the repair someone always calls to ask me how the service went.” My characters: a casual friendly woman, a valley girl and a “Desperate Housewives” gossip.   When Megan told me I had a Bree kind of feel, I knew I hit the nail on the head!

Thanks to Megan for teaching and answering so many questions!



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2 responses to “Casting Director Workshop with Megan Foley

  1. Glad you liked it..Coming back to AIA soon I think! You did a great job

  2. Hi Megan! Thanks for your comment! I see you will be back at AIA Studios on Monday, October 18th. Looking forward to seeing you again. Hope you are well!

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