Callback for “A Simple Conversation”

Today I had a callback for “A Simple Conversation”, a short film produced at The American Film Institute (AFI). 

I was called back for Kitty, a wife and mother who learns her husband has an awful secret.  Today I read with two different actors who were called in for the role of my husband.  Both actors were really great and gave 2 very different performances.  It was nice to be able to play off of each actor’s unique performance. 

Again, the director, Jon, gave us all sorts of different ideas to play with as we ran through the scene.  What a fun audition (even though the material is heavy)  I left the callback feeling really happy with my performance.


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One response to “Callback for “A Simple Conversation”

  1. Kristina Monson

    you did great! we are so excited to cast you!!

    aka “the producer” and “co-screenwriter” of A SIMPLE CONVERSATION

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