First Day of Filming for “A Simple Conversation”

I completed Day One of filming “A Simple Conversation”.  What a day. My 7am call time came too quickly.  I woke up and when I left the apartment I was greeted by brisk cold air.  I drove to our lovely shoot location in Pasadena where the crew was setting up for our day of shooting.  By the time it was my turn for make up it was 9am.  After a turn in the make up chair, I hit up the craft table for a cup of hot tea.  Soon it was time for rehearsal.  We ran the scene and set up the camera shots until lunch.  Instead of setting up a series of shots, the creative team decided to shoot the entire film in one continuous shot with a steady cam.

After lunch it was time to shoot! 

I play Kitty Olsen, an uptight family oriented woman.  My husband, Richard, is the man of the house, but has a terrible secret. 

Here I am with our director:

Jennifer and Director Jon Clark


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