Commercial Callback for Expedia

Today I was called back to Broad-Cast for Expedia.  I felt great about my audition!  There was a variety of ages and types at the callback.  Afterwards Dan Cowan asked if I could stick around and read for a different Expedia Commercial with kids. 

Thanks again to Dan Cowan for calling me in!



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2 responses to “Commercial Callback for Expedia

  1. Hi Jennifer, I just ran into your website and I really like it. I can very much appreciate what your doing. I have a question about beginning acting. Starting out does it really boil down to doing as many workshops as possible?

    It seems like workshoping with casting directors is the best way to get the auditions for the tv shows and feature films. Anyways best of luck to you. Hope to see you on screen sooner than later.


  2. Hi Keith! Thanks for checking out my site. I enjoy sharing my journey as an actress.

    To answer your question, I would not take casting director workshops right away. For a beginning actor, I would highly recommend getting plugged into a great on-camera or scene study acting class first. Study for a year or so and then start taking Casting Director workshops. It is worth the wait. The last thing you want to do is leave a poor impression with a casting director. They may not give you a chance down the road because of a bad read.

    Speaking of classes, I have studied with 2 great coaches and I highly recommend both. For On-Camera, check out Christinna Chauncey and for Scene Study, check out Joe Palese at The Actors Space. If you call to audit, tell them I referred you! Though my best advice is to audit a couple classes and find the one that is best for you. You will know when you find it!

    Best Wishes!


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