Commercial Audition

I had a commercial audition at Ross Lacy Casting today!  What a treat.  It was for a CBS Promo.  

I arrived super early and was greeted by the Casting Associate, Spencer.  He called out “Jennifer” as I walked up to sign in. I answered “yes”, and he said that he was calling a different Jennifer.  I joked with him that “he was really good” if he recognized me from my headshot. 

In this particular comedic spot, I had to lightly “smack” another person.  I really don’t like to do this kind of thing, but we rehearsed the spot a couple times before the audition was taped.  Spencer told me that they were casting people who were not afraid to hit or be hit.  So, I did my best (though I know I was still quite light in my smack).

This is the 3rd time I have been called in to audition for Ross Lacy Casting.  I’m so glad they recently discovered me .  Thank you Ross Lacy for calling me in!!


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