Commercial Callback AND Print Audition!

Oh what a day!  I had both a callback and a print casting. Oh, the life of an actress at it’s best!

Richie at CU called this morning to say that I had been called back for the CBS Promo!  How exciting!  Though, then I realized that I had a print casting at nearly the same time.  I called and e-mailed Aurora at KSR Models to see if I could go to the print casting early, and she said that I could go anytime between 1:30 PM and 5 PM.  What a relief.

I arrived at 200 S. La Brea for the call back at Ross Lacy Casting.  I primped in the bathroom for a couple minutes and then signed in.  I was paired with 3 different people for the audition and was in the last group for this promo.

Afterwards I jumped in the car and headed to Armstrong Casting today for a print casting.  The Print Campaign was for US Cellular.   The attire: young, hip mom.

I’ve been invited to print castings at Armstrong Casting a couple times this year and I always enjoy the experience.  First the photographer takes a couple photos, then they flip on a video camera and ask a couple questions so they can get a better sense of who you are. 

Special thanks to Casting Directors Ross Lacy and Yvonne Armstrong for the auditions.


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2 responses to “Commercial Callback AND Print Audition!

  1. cheri

    Hi there,
    My daughter went for her first audition today at Armstrong casting. The taking of the photos went well, however, when they turned on the video, she was caught off guard and paused for a few moments. If this is for a print job, does the personality & how well she does on the video matters ? Your input is greatly appreciated since we are so new in this industry. Thank you kindly for any input you can provide. Cheri (714) 408-5708

  2. Hi Cheri,

    I’ve auditioned at Armstrong Casting several times over the past year and they do like to squeeze in a little interview after the photos. How old is your daughter? I can’t say what casting is looking for, but if your daughter is right for the role, she’ll get the callback or book the job regardless of her hesitation. Just remember, when it comes to commercials or commercial print that the client has spent a lot of time and research to pinpoint the demographic they are targeting the the type of actors they want in their commercial. If the client sees someone they like, that is the person that will book. I hope that helps. And best of luck! – Jennifer

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