Commercial Callback

Oh what a morning!! 

Today I received a same day callback notification for an Old Navy commercial at Lisa Field Casting.  I was hoping for the callback for this commercial, so I was elated.

The way it works is my agents submit me for an audition through a service called LA Casting and when they send an audition notification through this site, I receive a text message.  I then know to open up my e-mail account and read the audition notification to see where and when the audition or call back is.  Lastly, I call to confirm with my agents.  Well, I received the notification at 10:50 am and the callback was at 11:30 am at The Casting Cafe in West Hollywood, which is 40 minutes away (depending on traffic)!!!

I called to confirm with my agents at CU, and Richie answered the phone, laughing, as he asked if I could make it.  I told him I would be there, but I would never make it by 11:30am.  He told me to get there before 12:45 pm and he would call the Casting Director to let them know.

I just have to chuckle sometimes.  What is the crazy industry that I have chosen and why do I enjoy it all so much? 

I jumped in the shower and got ready as quickly as possible.  I left the house right before 11:30 am and arrived at the Casting Cafe about 10 after 12 pm.   I walked into the casting office and there was a sea of brunettes in gowns in the waiting room.  There was only one other blonde, which could be good or bad, depending on how many girls they are casting and what they are looking for.  I signed in at 12:15 pm and there was a wait.  No problem!  It gave me time to file my nails, which were a little jagged.

When it was my turn to audition, I was paired with 2 other girls, one girl with reddish brown hair and one with dark brown hair.  I always like it when I audition with girls who have different looks than me.  Two girls who look alike would not be cast together in the same commercial, unless they were playing sisters. 

I walked into the casting room and there were about 5 people in the room, the director and the clients, who are not introduced to us.  Benjamin, the casting associate, is there again running the audition, and he gave us the overview of what they are looking for.

I’ve got to say, I felt great about this audition!  I even received a couple chuckles from the clients on my take, which is always a good sign.  Let’s just hope that I am what they are looking for. Though, I have to say I am quite sensitive about the fact that I was able to make it to the audition right at 11:30am.  I really hope that does not work against me.


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2 responses to “Commercial Callback

  1. Congrats Jen, I’ve been following your blog for about 2 months. I really believe in your potential and can see myself going to one of your films in theaters one day. I wanted to know if you knew of any good acting workshops? Anyway, congrats again.

  2. Wow Keith, Thanks for such a nice comment! You made my day. I can recommend a bunch of classes. If you are looking for scene study: Joe Palese at The Actors Space; if you are looking for on-camera: Christinna Chauncey; and if you are looking to take Casting Director Workshops, check out AIA Studios. Ask for Jaci and tell her that I referred you!

    Best Wishes in your acting career!!


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