Co-Star Audition for Jennifer

Wow! What an exciting day!

Today I had my first TV co-star audition!  I was called in by Kendra Castleberry at Donna Rosenstein Casting for a role in “Castle”.  Great show!  I met Kendra at a 3 workshop at AIA Studios last fall.  I am so excited about today’s audition!

Wondering what a c0-star role is?  A co-star is a supporting character in one episode of a TV Show.  A co-star can be one line, one scene with a series regular, or even a couple scenes with one or two lines in each. Every show is different.

Back to the audition. I prepared the sides and arrived at the casting office 10 minutes before my audition.  There were a number of blonde girls my age who were called in for the role.  I walked by a couple leaving as I walked into the building and I rode the elevator up with another girl, who was very nice.  There wasn’t a bathroom nearby and she lent me her compact mirror for a last-minute touch up.

Kendra walked out of the audition room to check off the next name on the list.  I greeted her with a “good morning” and she said hello back as she asked the next girl to join her in the audition room.  Before I knew it, it was my turn.  I walked in and greeting Angela Scalleta, the casting associate, who was behind the camera.  I have also taken a workshop with Angela at AIA.  The audition was quick.  Kendra directed me in another take and I left feeling like I had given her what she has asked for.

What a thrill.  Thank you Kendra Castleberry so much for the opportunity to audition for you.  It was such a treat!

I also had a Print Audition today. Aurora at KSR Models sent me to Comcast audition.  They are looking for a model from the back of the head.  I arrived at the studio and the photographer took a couple quick pictures.

What a great day!


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