Commercial Audition

Today I had a commercial audition for Casting Director, Dan Cowan, at Broad-Cast. I am always glad to be called in for an audition for Dan Cowan.  The commercial was for KFC.  The type: mom.

I ran into a slow down on La Brea on the way to the audition.  I don’t know if it was a stalled vehicle, accident, or what but I was stressed out!  After putting down the street, I cut down a side street and was able to get to the audition site just minutes before the audition.  Not good.  .

I walked in to the casting office, signed in right on the dot, and looked over the storyboards as I caught my breath.  The door to the audition room opened right away and they were ready for me.

This was a non-dialogue spot and afterwards I walked out and just felt okay about my performance.  Those few minutes before you go into the room are important. I like to give myself enough time to look over the material and make my choices.   I’ll just have do better next time.  I’ am lucky that Dan Cowan calls me in to audition for him often and he knows my work.

Thank you Dan!


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