Jennifer is Looking For A Theatrical Agent!

Jennifer Keller Headshot 6

I am looking for an SAG Franchised Agent for TV/Motion Picture/Soaps and am open to recommendations!!

I work hard at my craft, as you can see by checking out my site.  I am taking Improv and On-Camera classes and auditioning regularly.

If you or someone you know is looking for new SAG talent, please leave me a comment!


Jennifer Keller


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One response to “Jennifer is Looking For A Theatrical Agent!

  1. Jane Bloom Brooks

    Hi Jenny! I came across your site and thought I would share this with you about looking for an agent. You might check with fellow BSU alum, Doug Jones, about his agent. He could at least steer you in another direction if his agent isn’t the right fit. Doug’s on my Facebook page as well as myspace and he has his own website too. Here are the links. Hope you can connect with him and this helps.

    When in Muncie again, give my dad a call. I know he’d love to hear from you! have a great day! Jane

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