Co-Star Audition for Jennifer

Today I had at TV co-star audition!  I was called in for the role of  a victim in a new episode of “Criminal Minds”.  Last fall I met Erica Silverman, the Casting  Associate for “Criminal Minds” at April Webster Casting, at a workshop at AIA Studios.  This is the second time she has called me in for an audition!

I prepared the sides and arrived at the casting office 15 minutes before my audition.  There were a number of young women my age who were called in for the role.  I walked by a couple of girls leaving as I walked onto the studio lot and a couple of girls arrived after me.

Erica walked into the waiting room to check off the next name on the list.  She recognized me and even gave me a hug.  I have to say Erica is such a sweet, bubbly person.  She makes everyone feel at ease.

This audition was for producers, meaning in addition to the casting director being in the room, two producers for the show were also there for the audition, as well as the writer of the episode.  Everyone was friendly when I walked in.

The audition was quick.  One take and it was over.  No notes or redirects.  I thanked everyone for inviting me in and left the lot.

What a thrill.  Thank you Erica Silverman so much for the opportunity to audition for you.  It was such a treat!



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2 responses to “Co-Star Audition for Jennifer

  1. Funny, that may have been the same day I went in to audition for a reporter.

    I completely agree: Erica and Scott are tremendous!

    Good luck to you Jennifer!

  2. Hi Graham!

    Thanks for your comment. I hope that you had a great audition as well.

    Best wishes to you!


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