Commercial Audition

Today I had a commercial audition for Gabrielle Schary Casting.  This is my first time auditioning for this office.  I am always excited to audition for a new casting director!

Today’s spot was for a Lash Appeal.   I arrived at the casting facility at 2601 Ocean Park Blvd for my 5:50 PM audition 20 minutes early.  You never know what traffic is going to look like on the 405 at rush hour, so I wanted to give myself plenty of time.  Lucky for me, the roads were pretty clear. I’ll have to remember this day, clear roads on the 405 do not happen very often.

When I arrived at the casting facility there were a number of girls of all types and looks waiting in the lobby.  I signed in and waited my turn to audition.  The commercial was a non-dialogue spot and was a really cute.

Thanks Gabrielle Schary for calling me to audition for the first time!  Hope to audition for you again.


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