Commercial Audition at Ross Lacy Casting

I had a commercial audition at Ross Lacy Casting today!  Today’s product was a hair product called Schwarzkopf.  The audition was calling for blondes, which is great for me.  The attire: sexy city chic.

I arrived at 200 S. La Brea wearing a pencil skirt and a royal purple cardigan with a skinny belt around my waist.  Since it was a hair product commercial, I wanted to make sure my hair looked great.  I curled it up and it looked pretty.  I was paired with another girl for the audition who was a different ethnicity.  Michael, the casting associate, gave the instructions for the audition once we were in the room.  I was assigned 2 lines, as was the other girl I auditioned with. There was also a lot of “business” at the beginning of the scene before we gave our lines.

I have to say, I felt really great about this audition.  This was a great character for me and I really went for it.  Now all I can do is let it go.  You’ve got to let auditions “roll of your back like water” in this industry.  It is my job to audition, and audition well and I felt I did that today.  After that, it is up to what the client is looking for.

Special thanks to my awesome agents at CU for believing in me and for sending me out on great auditions and also thanks to Ross Lacy Casting for calling me in!!


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