Audition at Sanford Casting

I am very excited!  Today I had an audition for Michael Sanford Casting. I first met Michael about almost 2 years ago at a workshop and then saw him again last fall at AIA Studios.   And today he invited me to audition for the first time!

Today’s audition was for an HBO promo for True Blood.  The attire: Conservative Midwest Woman. They said they were not looking for “model types”, so I wore light make up and pulled my hair back.  I also wore my glasses to the audition.

I arrived at the casting office a couple minutes early wearing a conservative cardigan and skirt with pearl earrings and flats.  I read the character description and the information for the scene.  When it was my turn, I was paired with a guy who was to play my husband. The Casting Associate walked us through what they were looking for.  He told me to “lose the glasses”, which I did.

During the audition, Michael walked in the room, it was nice to be able to say hello.

It was so nice to audition at Sanford Casting.  Special thanks to Michael Sanford for the opportunity!!

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