Two Print Auditions on Friday

KSR Models sent me to a Print Campaign Casting at Armstrong Casting in Hollywood.  The wardrobe was upscale casual and I wore black pants with a fitted denim 1 button jacket.

I was invited to audition for several print castings at Armstrong Casting last year and I’ve always enjoy the experience.  First the photographer takes a couple of photos, then they flip on a video camera and ask a couple of questions so they can get a better sense of who you are.

As I left Armstrong Casting I received another call from KSR.  They had a straight to callback print audition for me at Crash Casting and they were looking for real couples, so they asked if my husband would go as well.  Oh, and we had to be in Santa Monica by 3:30 PM.  The time was 2:30PM.

So, I called my husband to see if he was interested. He is not an actor, but after many of engagement and wedding photo shoots, he said he would try it out.  So I swung by our apartment and picked him up and we braved the afternoon traffic down the 405 to Santa Monica.  We made it just in time, found the studio at 525 Broadway.  After we arrived, we took a couple of photos together, spoke to the director and client, and then were released.

Special thanks to my print agents at KSR and Casting Directors at Armstrong Casting and Crash Casting.


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