Last Day of Filming “Wedding Day”

On Sunday we finished shooting “Wedding Day”, an indie feature film.  “Wedding Day” is a multi-character and storyline feature in the vein of “Valentine’s Day” that centers around 2 couples getting married and the catering company hired for both weddings.

I play Brooke Mason, a bride-to-be from an affluent family.   We shot the scene between Brooke and her Therapist (Tom Tangen).

Here are a couple of photos from the shoot:

Actress Jennifer Keller (Brooke) and Tom Tangen (Therapist) in between takes

Jennifer Keller with director Andre Gordon and fellow producers Natalie Howe and Stephanie Drapeau

Part of the cast and the entire crew of "Wedding Day" on the last day of filming

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  1. I’m commenting here to tell you that I really like your website! I was google’ing Shaner/Testa Casting’s address and you page popped up as a result. Your webpage is the best actor website I’ve seen… It’s easy to read, professional, interesting, and not at all pretentious. You’ve given me ideas for how to improve mine. Thank you!

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