Callback at Sanford Casting

Today I had a commercial callback for Kay Jewelers at Michael Sanford Casting.  A rule of thumb is to always wear the same outfit to the callback that you wore to the original audition.  I would have preferred to put on a nicer outfit, but I decided to stick with the jeans and cardigan I wore originally when I went to the audition  straight from work.

My callback was at 11 am.  It was going to be tight, I had a 2PM flight out of LAX.  So I arrived at the callback 20 minutes early and signed in.

I found out quickly that they were behind schedule…45 minutes behind.  So all I could do is wait.  I didn’t want to get myself all worked up about the time crunch because that would throw off my callback.  And I was thrilled to be there.  Any chance to book a commercial I am grateful for  So I chatted with a couple of girls in the waiting room  And a nice girl even let me go ahead of her.

The callback went great.  Michael welcomed me into the room where I met the director.  The clients were there as well.  Commercial callbacks are interesting.  As usual, the clients were all typing away on their computers when I walked in.  The director directs and they watch on the monitor.

I director seemed to like me.  He was very complimentary.  I was even asked to use a couple different pieces of jewelry.

When I left the callback I didn’t have a lot of time to get to the airport.  Instead of parking at the flyaway I drove straight to LAX.  By the Grace of God I made it to the airport an hour before my plane took off.   And I made my flight!

What a day!


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