Commercial CALLBACK at Cathi Carlton Casting

Today I had commercial callback at Cathi Carlton Casting  for a Chevrolet commercial!  I was so excited to get the call from my agent Richie.  I just felt “so/so” after my audition and this is a great commercial spot.  I felt much better about my performance in the callback than the original audition.  So now I’ll just keep my fingers crossed : )

Special Thanks to Cathi Carlton for the callback!


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One response to “Commercial CALLBACK at Cathi Carlton Casting

  1. Hello! Thanks for checking out my site. I have a lot of advice for a new actress. First, move to LA because this is where the opportunities are. Next, start taking classes, it is a great way to meet other actors. Third, sign up on the casting sites such as Now Casting, Actors Access and LA Casting and start to submit yourself for short films and student projects (ie USC Film School, The New York Film Academy, etc). This is a great way to learn to audition and start to build your reel.

    Good Luck!

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