Commercial CALLBACK at Broadcast

Today I had a commercial callback for Dan Cowan at Broad Cast.   The callback was for GMC.

My callback was originally schedule for 4 PM.  I had a busy day at work today and just happened to check my personal messages around 2:40 PM and found out my callback had been moved to 3:15 PM!   Luckily I had finished my appointments for the day and was able to leave work right away.  Ah, the life of an actress.

Traffic was light and I made it to the casting office on Beverly just in time!  What a relief.  There were a couple of ladies in the waiting room when I arrived, but I was the only pregnant woman in that time slot.

The callback was slightly different from the original audition.  I’ve got to say, I still love this commercial spot, so clever.  And I got a laugh from the client at the end, which is always nice.

Special thanks to Dan Cowan for the callback today!


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